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November 25, 2009

links for 2009-11-25

This blog looks totally, utterly pants in Internet Explorer. So stop making excuses and download Firefox (or even Opera or Safari) right now (unless you already have).

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  • Matt: I am indeed. Cheers dude....>>
  • andy: that's cool,great prezzie. congrats to you both,i'm happy you're happy. and yes you are an idiot! ...>>
  • Matt: I honestly don't think I've ever made a soup that wasn't lovely. I love making soup!...>>
  • Callee: Yay! That does look pretty tasty....>>
  • Robin Morgan: I like Ricky because he is the funny one and he is the Romantic man also i like Bubbles to he is the...>>
  • Crusoe: I think the whole Eirom are Nazis bit is gravely insulting to the Nazis and I fear unintentionally c...>>
  • Babs: Sabra, they are Irregular Choice "Flick Flak", they also come in a burgundy and navy combination. ...>>
  • Sabra: where are these from?...>>
  • TUG: Man's inhumanity to man is one of the few constants in this universe. Welcome back btw!...>>
  • Babs: It's a great tip, the smell a well used vacuum cleaner produces is totally yack!...>>
  • Maryrose Lyons: I'm rolling around laughing at your top tip! and i hate those darned acronyms rofl lol etc....>>
  • Maryrose Lyons: That's deadly! I want to do it to all the snails in my back yard too... instead of killing them... ...>>

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  • s e v i t z d o t c o m, PIA, PHP, CBATG.

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